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1What are the time, location, and process that recycled water provided to public at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? Do you need to apply in advance? Is there any fee for the application?2016-01-13
2What is the source of recycled water at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2016-01-13
3How much recycled water is produced a day at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? How much of it can be provided to public?2016-01-13
4What is the purpose of recycled water that being produced from the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? Is it safe for human usage?2016-01-13
5How is the quality control of recycled water at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2016-01-13
6Is my house connected to the sewerage system?2019-02-20
7What is a sewerage system?2013-11-07
8How is the cleaning pipelines Service Fee counted? When should the application be made beforehand?2010-08-19
9What are the rules and regulations we need to know when using Softball Field in the Recreational Sports Park affiliated with the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2019-04-10
10What should I do while finding a blocked or overflow sewer outside my house?2018-07-19
11Why is a “sewerage charge” shown on my water bill and almost equal to my water fee? How is it computed?2018-11-19
12Who is managing and what is the contact number for Nei-Hu Sewage Treatment Plant (Nei-Hu Sports Park)?2022-06-23
13What are the average sewage capacity and the maximum sewage capacity treated by three sewage treatment plants every day?2010-08-19
14What responsibility should one citizen take in the event of his (her) failing to comply with Taipei City Government’s policy for free connection of sewers?2018-11-02
15What are the official documents or procedures we need to confirm before a third party contractor enters house to inspect sewage discharge system?2013-05-17
16What is the contact window for any question about a project for connection of sewers?2009-08-11
17How do I deal with the septic tank preserved after the sewer is connected to my residence?2009-08-11
18How do I do for one sewer missed to be connected? Is the sewerage charge refundable?2018-11-02
19Why should I be charged for employment of sewers in the event of a septic tank preserved under a building’s basement?2018-11-02
20Why can’t we request to lower the sewage charge?2018-10-25