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Please advise if arrangements can be made for attending visitation and learning at the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant; is it possible to issue an “Environmental Education Hours” certificate and how to apply?

  1. Applications can be made by phone calls, email, letters, in-person delivery or via Internet; a reply will be given by dedicated personnel for arranging the 
    • Tel: 25973183 Ext. 871, Chu Yu-Leng
    • TEmail: sso30233@mail.taipei.gov.tw
    • TLetter or in-person delivery: Attention to [Sewerage Systems Office, Public Construction Department, Taipei City Government] Address: No. 235, Jiuquan Street, Datong District, Taipei City.
    • Website application: Pleas go to Taipei City Government Public Location Rental System.
  2. Environmental Education
    • ewage Treatment Plant Introduction Film
    • Treatment Flowchart and Models explained
    • Touring of on-site facilities
    • Classroom course
    • Exchange of comments
    • The entire session takes about 120mins.
  3. Reserve time: 10 days before the course date, office hours Monday through Friday (0830-1230, 1330-1730). Available environment education courses: One session each in the morning and afternoon (weekends excluded).
  4. This plant is certified for environmental education by the Environmental Protection Agency of The Executive Yuan based on Environmental Education Act. If a certificate of Environmental Education Hours is required, the participating unit may prepare relevant documents (e.g., sign-in form, etc.) and submit an application for a certificate of Environmental Education Hours to the plant, for applying the required certificate via Internet.