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Sewerage construction of Taipei City started in 1972; up to 2022, connection percentage has exceeded 81%; total length of pipeline has reached 2,723km. Being the first in Taiwan to have sewerage infrastructure, Taipei City is also the first to enter the decay period; currently about 20% of the pipelines have been used for more than 30 years. While being in uninterrupted service 7/24, in case any damage occurs causing sewage overflow or even road collapse, the risk of social cost will be unpredictable. The Taipei City Government therefore has started this Inspection Schedule and Service Life Extension Program since 2019./001/Upload/351/relpic/16460/129479/39d875ea-7aa5-402f-abf7-64ad6262384b.png

Statistics Pie of Taipei City Pipeline Installation


Sona Boat combining with CCTV/001/Upload/351/relpic/16460/129479/bc25efc5-5e1a-4828-a48b-df5dba1c3a29.png

TV vehicle inspection

Trunk and branch pipeline inspection results

Sewerage Systems Office initiated phase-1 trial inspection, repair and service life extension works of trunk and branch pipelines in 2019, covering Shilin Trunk, Jianguo N/S Road Branch and Jilin Road Branch. The reason for selecting these for the trial is because the Shilin Road Trunk is the earliest trunk in Taipei, and that both Jianguo N/S Road Branch and Jilin Road Branch have been in service for more than 30 years; and also that a road collapse incident in the surroundings of the Jilin Road Branch had occurred in 2018. They are therefore determined as the target for the Phase-1 Trunk and Branch Pipeline Inspection.

  • /001/Upload/351/relpic/16460/129479/0758937c-bc70-4390-a718-8b2445122a02.jpg

    Shilin Trunk

  • /001/Upload/351/relpic/16460/129479/387e61c9-d3a6-4af8-9e7d-754359a92d25.jpg

    Chenggong Road Branch

  • /001/Upload/351/relpic/16460/129479/164753a5-477c-4d78-b81c-f78dafee1263.jpg

    Fugang Street Branch

Branch Inspection Results

2020-2022 accumulated inspection length 99,177m; inspected area

Shilin District
  • Shezhong Street
  • Yonping Street
  • LunDeng Street
Datong District   
  • Lane 294, Yen Ping N. Rd. Section 4
  • Dunhuang Road
  • Hami Street
Zhongshan District
  • Jingyeh Road
  • Lequn Road
  • Mingshui Roadd
Songsan District
  • Lane 244, Dunhua N. Rd
  • Jiankang Road
Neihu District
  • Ruiguang Road
  • Xinhu Road
  • Xingai Road
Xinyi District
  • Songzhi Road
  • Songzhi Road

Before/After Repair Comparison of corroded pipelines/001/Upload/351/relpic/16460/129479/a4daf57a-3f7d-409e-9128-7875795172b1.png

Before/After Repair Comparison of broken pipeline