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Congratulations to Chief Wang Kai-Min of Engineering Division of Sewerage Systems Office for being selected 2023 TCG Model Civil Servant.

In his seniority of 24 years and 8 months, Chief Wang headed Branch Office, Planning and Design Section, QC and Labor Safety Division, QC and Labor Safety Section, and Public Works Section.

Key tasks handled: Guidance and Audit for QC and Labor Safety of in-progress projects and labor contracts; consolidate assessment data of the agency, preliminary planning for construction of Taipei City Sewerage System, and establishment of e-Decision-Making System of the agency.

Appraised PREMIUM in Ministry of Interior Sewerage Infrastructure Project Assessment for 4 successive years, 2018-2021.

Planned an initiative of “Training Facility for Confined Space Hazard Prevention Drills,” for introducing a training mechanism for the workforce.

Appraised Class-A Superb and Excellency in 2021 and 2022 TCG Appraisals for Occupational Safety and Health Tasks

Obtained 2022 TCG Integrity and Transparency Award for proposing “Elevation of Sewerage Maintenance Quality.”

Obtained 2022 Chinese Taipei Society for Trenchless Technology (CTSTT) “Excellent Underground Pipeline Engineering Award.”

Obtained 5 TCG Public Works Excellence Awards

Under the impact of COVID-19, based on worker safety and persistence on construction quality, audited and guided relevant Occupational Safety and Health procedures of in-progress constructions and labor contracts for a smooth, in-time and quality compliant completion.

Arranged for colleagues to obtain relevant certificates regarding occupational safety and health. Elevated colleagues’ professional know-how in workplace occupational safety and health, and increased their licensing ratio.

Maintained operation stability and safety of sewerage systems in the city; advanced construction of Minsheng Water Resource Center and Binjiang Water Resource Center, and planning and contracting of the subsequent Shezidao Water Resource Center.

Information system integration of all units in the agency; set forth agency’s e-operation of Internal Tasks Decision Making Platform