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First place in National Sewerage Appraisal, Mayor Chiang: Taipei City is getting better off

Taipei City won the championship again in 2022 national appraisal of sewerage construction. Taipei is the only city that has won both Excellence and Outstanding Performance awards. Listed among the top cities in all the 3 facets: Project execution and control, Construction Quality and Management, and Facilities Operations and Management, for comprehensive excellence in performance. Today, Director Cheng Pei-Chia of the Sewerage Systems Office presented this Excellence Award to Mayor Chiang in the 2240th Administrative Meeting.

Mayor Chiang says, “the pipeline connection rate of Taipei sewerage has reached 81.37%, a national leading index for the construction item. Although the situation encountered for facing the users yet to be connected is getting tougher and tougher, we shall expect the SSO of the Public Works Department to persist in overcoming difficulties, for giving a better tomorrow to Taipei City’s environment. The subsequent sewerage construction comprises 2 key points: total autonomy in sewage treatment of the entire city by 2030 by breaking through user connection difficulties; elevating the user connection rate of the sewerage system to 90% by 2032.

Director Cheng Pei-Chia says, although the users' pipeline connection to the sewerage system system has entered a bottleneck period, at the current stage, in addition to continuous developments for overcoming difficulties, a 12-year life expansion project for old sewage pipelines has been initiated as the first in Taiwan by way of excavation-free methods to prolong the service life of pipelines. At the same time, lean management is employed to provide citizen-perceptible services against easy to clog hot zones, effectively lowering repetitive clogs by preventive dredging, enterprise promotion, water quality audit and cross-department cooperation measures, with emphasis given to the existing Neihu and Dihua plants. We further set forth performance-oriented contracts, introduced ROT spirits for equipment renewal, and incorporated incentives for energy saving, replaced Labor Purchase with the concept of Service Purchase, hereby significantly improving the effectiveness of sewage treatment plants and provided citizens with better services and water environments.

Director of SSO further notes, Taipei City is the only local government to set up a dedicated unit for sewerage systems, it values long-term construction of sewerage systems; via multi-layer inspection and feedback, searches ideas for breaking through traditional measures, sets forth and executes appropriate turn-key contracts, cooperates with building authorities for reporting illegal buildings, increases incentives and compensatory subsidies, and enforces statutes and versatile penalty measures for increasing user willingness for pipeline connection. Based on key points of national sewerage appraisal, execution and control of each item are accurately carried out for creating livable environments in Taipei City and for gradually achieving goals of sustained developments.