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Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant Sport and Recreation Park

The 7.8-hectare Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant of the Taipei City Government’s Public Works Department, Sewerage Systems Office has a capacity of 500,000 CMD for sewage treatment. This is the largest Class-2 sewage treatment plant in Taiwan.

The Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant adopts the first ever double-layer clarifier design in Taiwan with deep-stage aerated Class-2 biotreatment procedure. This Sport and Recreation Park is a part of its upgrade project to a Class-2 plant. The entire plant is designed with an underground concept for preventing odor dispersion from the plant, with its superstructure and non-occupied land forming a sport and recreation park in a scope covering 4.6 hectares, for use by citizens for leisure and sport activities. Additionally, a cross embankment viewing platform is provided at the northwest corner of the park; it extends across Huang-He North Road into the coastal area outside the bank and provides an excellent vision for capturing the scenic Tamsui River, expecting to contribute a different atmosphere to the nighttime landscape of Tatung District, creating romantic and elegant features for the locality.

The Dihua Sport and Recreation Park comprises the foggy leisure plaza, children’s playground, softball field (under custody of Department of Sports), basketball court, tennis court, interactive water play area and public art spaces. Its parking lot can accommodate 91 cars and 126 motorcycles. Within the 4.6 hectares, there are 3 pedestrian bridges and a cross-embankment viewing platform that link up the coastal parks on both sides and the neighboring resident areas, forming a vast belt of leisure spaces for citizens, uniting with the Tamsui River Waterfront Park. Baoan Temple, Confucius Temple, Chen Yueh-Chi Residence (aka Teacher’s Residence), 44 Kan Site and Yuanshan MRT Station in the vicinity are other local landmarks of Datong District. In order to collaborate with local communities for reforming the environment, the plant transformed sidewalks along Section 4 of Yenping North Road to highlight the cultural uniqueness of the humanism boulevard. By combining cultural backgrounds with corresponding relics in the vicinity, public artworks are provided for sculpting scenes of the New World of Northern Datong District.