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Improvement Project for Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant

Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant is the largest class two sewage treatment plant in Taiwan. The purpose of this improvement project for Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant is to maintain the efficiency of the plant and prevent secondary pollution. The project includes improvement of the RAS (Return Activated Sludge) system and installation of new facilities in the Solid Sludge building. The main construction items are as below:

  1. Replace the butterfly valves used to adjust flow rate with plug valves to prevent clogging of the sewage pipes by fibers in the system. Install new WAS (Waste Activated Sludge) pumps to increase operational flexibility.
  2. Install an independent air supply system to provide clean air to the electric control panels, prevent circuit corrosion from moisture and acid gas, and maintain efficiency. Install air-tight windows to prevent noise and odor from affecting neighboring residents.