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Expected benefits from the city-organized assistance program for the elimination of underground septic tanks or modification into cesspools

  1. In line with the provisions under Article 29 of the Sewer Drain Equipment Standards, amended by the Ministry of Interior on April 30, 2008, the user burden for underground septic tank waste removal is reduced.
    • Discharging from user sewerage piping into the sewage system is not permitted, either from the original septic tank or building sewage treatment facilities.
    • After the connection of the user piping has been completed, the competent authorities shall assist the owner or user of the property to fill in or demolish the original septic tank or building sewage treatment facility.
  1. This grant is the first of its kind across the country; it is significant and may be used as a future reference for other cities and counties in sewer construction and management.

  2. Using the public budget to assist citizens to demolish underground septic tanks, and switch to the use of cesspools, which have lower maintenance costs and are better for environmental health, to achieve the purpose of reducing the overall environmental costs and to benefit the people.