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Why is a “sewerage charge” shown on my water bill and almost equal to my water fee? How is it computed?

  1. The “sewerage charge” is a fee for sewage treatment. Coming from housing units, factories and restaurants delivered to a sewage treatment plant via sewers buried under the ground, all filth from excrement, urine, or dirty water out of bathrooms, foods, dishes, ground, and clothes must be treated to match national effluent standards for discharge without river water pollution. Like the trash fee, the “sewerage charge”, fee for sewage treatment, is based on the principle of “pay as you go”.
  2. In virtue of all used tap water finally flowing into a sewage treatment plant, the sewerage charge depends on a reading shown on a tap water meter and is paid in accordance with the “Taipei City’s Sewerage Charge Collection Regulations” approved by the Taipei City Council. Right now, the fee is NTD 5 per cubic meter. Due to the fee of NTD 5 per cubic meter for water used under 20 cubic meters monthly, a resident naturally thinks the sewerage charge is similar to the water fee. However, the tap water fee will be increased with more water utilization while the sewerage charge stays constant.