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Sewerage Systems Office, Public Works Department, received the “5th Outstanding Award (2016) for Public Construction” from Taipei City Government for its construction of pipeline network in nearby areas of Gezhi Road and Dongshan Road (nearby areas of Dongshan Road)

  1. Construction in Brief:
  2. Construction works began on January 28, 2013 and were completed on June 4, 2016. The area of construction is enclosed by Gezhi Road and Section 4, Yangde Blvd. on the east, Aifu 3rd Street on the north, Zhonghua Road on the south (Shanzaihou area), and areas along Alley 81, Lane 25, Dongshan Road; Lane 25, Dongshan Road; and Lane 207, Section 2, Zhongcheng Road.
  3. To build and connect the sewerage system in Yangmingshan Huagang areas to downtown Taipei City in order to enhance the connection rate of follow-up sewerage system in mountain areas.
  1. Ecological & Environmental Maintenance (incl. the Ecological Engineering Methods)

In consideration of local conditions, the construction works have altered the position of the working shaft in order to significantly reduce impact on trees (incl. the cherry blossom trees) in the Horticulture Experiment Center of the Parks and Street Lights Office. After the piping system is completed, it can provide follow-up connections for households and improve sanitary conditions.

  1. Creativity, Challenge and Considerations of Construction Works
  2. The construction works were located around Gezhi Road in Shilin District. Therefore, the number of working shafts was limited as digging on the roads was forbidden by the road-smoothing project. The wide spreading hard Andesite rocks also posed a particular challenge to the construction work. In order to avoid increasing the number of working shafts and to reduce the impact on tourists in Yangmingshan, the ∮1000mm long-distance curved pipe jacking method was adopted to allow follow-up sewerage connections for the areas of Hushan Road, Jingshan Road and Zhongyong 1st Road.
  3. The narrowest part of the lower-Dongshi industrial road to Chinese Culture University is only 4.5 m wide, along with an eminently curved road with steep slopes. The total length of pipes to be buried was 4.2 km. Due to the frequent transport of students and hard Andesite rocks, construction work could only be conducted during winter and summer vacations, and extra work groups were needed to reduce the impact on local transportation.


  1. Outstanding Achievement and Remarkable Benefit
  2. The construction work was recognized and awarded the 5th Outstanding Award for Public Construction by Taipei City Government.
  3. The ∮1000mm long-distance curved pipe jacking construction works (with a total 589 m length of pipes) were completed, having successfully overcome the problem of hard Andesite rocks of the Yangmingshan area. The construction work not only reduced the number of working shafts and impact on local transportation, but also reserved follow-up pipeline connecting points for the vast of upstream Hushan Road areas.
  4. The ∮500mm open-conduit system connecting to downstream secondary pipelines was applied on the lower-Dongshi industrial road. The road is not only curved and narrow, with a total length of 4200 m, but the difference in height between the upstream and downstream ends is nearly 300 m. The construction work is particularly challenging because it is located at the necessary transport route for Chinese Culture University students. Through continuous communication plus construction acceleration, the sewerage system between Yangmingshan Huagang and Tianmu areas was finally completed. The efficiency of the sewerage system in Yangmingshan areas is thus significantly improved.