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Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant’s Recreational Sports Park

Located in an area surrounded by Sun Yat-sen Freeway, Mingquan E. Rd., Tiding Blvd. and Jiuzong Rd., the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant, a complex on land reclaimed by straightening the Keelung River, has a sewage-collection scope with an area of 1,176 hectares covering Dazhi, Neihu and Donghu in the north of the Keelung River. For the purpose of improving the issue of a river polluted by directly-discharged untreated sewage in the past and protecting a river’s water resources by maintaining purified water, water subjected to the national effluent standards will be discharged into the Keelung River with sewage having been collected and treated in the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant.

With the secondary activated sludge & biological treatment process to eliminate “organic polluted substances” and “suspended solid substances” inside sewage right now, the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant possesses a flexible sewage treatment process as the basis to be promoted to a tertiary treatment plant, further excluding eutrophication-causing substances in wastewater such as nitrogen and phosphorous, to meet the stricter national effluence standards in the future. Having the initial average capacity of 150,000 tons and the final average capacity of 240,000 tons for sewage treated daily, the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant discharges decontaminated water, with the secondary treatment process completed, into the Keelung River and recycles some decontaminated water for employment inside the plant via automatic filters (designed to treat 20,000 tons water daily). Since October 2003, when the Sewerage Systems Office began running the Plant, the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant has kept producing treated water with quality matching national effluent standards, preventing the Keelung River from excessive loading of polluted water and improving citizens’ living and environmental quality.

After the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant started running, shoals of fishes returned to the Keelung River with clean water injected; anglers along the river found that the river’s water quality had significantly improved around the outlets;some fishes were even elegantly cruising inside the Parshall flume used to measure wastewater’s flow rate and were observed by pleasantly-surprised visitors who took pictures to preserve the best memories of their environmental-protection trips.

To increase the number of citizens’ recreational sports attractions, the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant was designed as Taiwan’s first semi-underground sewage treatment plant with a sports park on the top of its factory building, named the “Neihu Sports Park” by the Sewerage Systems Office. With its area of 3.8 hectares containing public art works, ponds, small-size gym, information center, child play facilities, labyrinth garden, and picnic tables, the Neihu Sports Park was opened to citizens in May 2002. To supply diversified facilities to meet citizens’ requirements for recreation and sports, the Sewerage Systems Office added more facilities such as improved landscape at the entrance, enlarged pond, extreme sports ground, rock climbing wall, circular PU runway, etc.

For the purpose of satisfying the requirements of citizens exercising at night, the completely-new Neihu Sports Park reopened on July 1, 2005, offering free athletic fields with evening lighting facilities installed until 10 P.M. Having become the best place to exercise by rock climbing or extreme sports techniques right now, the Neihu Sports Park has been developed into another great place for citizens’ recreational sports. All persons with interests in exercises are welcome to come to Neihu Sports Park along with any friend preferring bicycle sports to freely enter the riverside park by way of the land bridge overhead the Tiding Blvd and built by the Sewerage Systems Office. TEL: (02)8791-9494 Ext. 107; FAX: (02)8791-9746